Employee Donation Program


Donating money should be a heartwarming, personal experience — so much more than a corporation cutting a check and calling it a day.

Community State Bank’s employee donation program, #GIFT2GIVING, puts the personal touch on holiday donations by allowing employees to choose which nonprofit organizations and community initiatives are important to them.

We started #GIFT2GIVING in 2018 as a way to directly improve our communities, and we are already working on plans to expand the program. 

How It Works

Each CSB employee is given the opportunity to choose one local nonprofit organization that they would like $150 donated to. Team members can pool their allocations to make a bigger impact at their shared cause.

In addition to the CSB donations, employees can add their own money as well as collect donations from other individuals in the community, making the year-end gift even merrier. That’s right: CSB gets the ball rolling, and the goodwill snowballs from there.

Finally, our CSB employees hand deliver their donations to their nonprofits.


Our Stories

Since the program’s creation, #GIFT2GIVING has supported dozens of nonprofit organizations throughout Southeast Wisconsin. Follow our journey through our employee journal entries...

Over $70,000 has been invested back into the community through #Gift2Giving, an employee directed donation campaign at Community State Bank.