My Local Interactive Financial Education (MyLIFE) was developed by CSB as a comprehensive interactive financial literacy program for high school students designed to demonstrate the importance of sound money management skills.

Participating Schools

Since MyLIFE was launched in 2013, more than 7,000 students at six local schools have been able to experience the program. These schools have made the program a recurring component of their curricula:

Due the popularity of the program, a classroom version of MyLIFE is also available to grade school and middle school students. 



MyLIFE has won multiple awards since its inception and implementation:


How it Works

The program is typically introduced each year to high school juniors. During the school year, the students have the opportunity to choose a career path that determined their starting salary for the event.

Students are randomly assigned a life status — single, married or divorced; kids or not; a credit score; level of education and student debt. They are then directed to the gym, where high school staff, local business leaders, and community and student volunteers guide them through essential life decisions. Each of the students are required to manage a budget.

Participating Students

Download the MyLIFE Transaction Calculator App

If you have an upcoming MyLIFE event at your school, please use the links below to download the MyLIFE Transaction Calculator App. This app will help you manage your finances during your MyLIFE experience.

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