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Account Sweeps

Don’t Stay Late — Automate!

Eliminate extra work and improve efficiency with automated sweep activity.

Sweeps are automatic transfers that businesses can use to manage funds among their CSB accounts.

Types of Sweeps

Line of Credit Sweep

A Line of Credit Sweep transfers funds between your checking account and line of credit based on a target balance you’ve selected.

Minimize interest expenses by keeping the line of credit at the lowest balance possible while ensuring your business checking account has sufficient funds to operate efficiently.

Zero Balance Account Sweep (ZBA)

A ZBA provides you with an automated option to consolidate funds automatically from multiple subsidiary accounts to one master account. Businesses use ZBA Sweeps for items such as payroll accounts, allowing the funds to remain in the general operating account and transferring to the payroll account as items are presented for payment.

One-Way Sweep

One-Way Sweeps can be used to cover shortages in one account from another when a sweep is triggered by a low balance.

Investment Sweep

Investment Sweeps send funds from a general account to an investment account or a money market account to earn interest overnight.

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Laura Burnett-Shoemaker AVP | Cash Management
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