Business Account Alerts

Stay Connected to Your Business Accounts

Keep tabs on your CSB business accounts with helpful email and text alerts. Account Alerts are a fast and easy way to monitor account activity, and it takes only a moment to set up through Business Online Banking. 

Our alerts are easy to use and we have a wide variety of notifications to choose from! Alerts are available via text, e-mail and secure messaging via online banking! 

Learn How to Use Business Account Alerts

Business Mobile Alerts Video Tutorial

video screenshot

Business Online Banking Alerts Video Tutorial

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Available Business Account Alerts

Checking Account Alerts

  • Deposits
  • Debits
  • Low Balance
  • Checks cleared

Savings Account Alerts

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Low balance

Loan Alerts

  • Past-due payment
  • Payment received

Security Alerts

Business Account Alerts Setup Guide 

Logging into CSB Online Banking and clicking on "Manage Alerts" at the top of the homepage.