Switch Kit

Come Home

Is your bank living up to your expectations? If not, you need to make the switch to Community State Bank. We believe developing long-lasting relationships with our customers begins with focusing on your individual financial needs.

We’ll put you on the path to brighter financial future in five easy steps:

Step 1: Open a Community State Bank checking account.

Step 2: Stop using your old checking account — but keep your old checking accounts open until your new direct deposits and automatic payments take effect and all outstanding checks clear.

Step 3: Change or sign up for direct deposits.

Step 4: Change any automatic payments. If you have any monthly payments, such as utility or loan payments, that automatically deduct from your account.

Step 5: Close your old account. Once your checks have cleared and your automatic payments have been changed to your new account, let your former bank know that you’d like to close out your old accounts.

That's all there is to it!