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#Gift2Giving - Go Frank Go Foundation

Inspired by Our Good Friend...

Inspired by our good friend, Frank Lamping, the Go Frank Go Foundation was established to carry on Frank’s passion for life in general and, specifically, for kids. Frank’s dedication to his family, friends and community is well-documented and, quite frankly, LEGENDARY.  Frank was blessed by God with a true gift…the gift of inspiring people from all walks of life. But his true passion was inspiring kids to be all that they can be. The last seven years of his life while battling stage 4 cancer, instead of feeling sorry for himself, he embraced his new reality and used his platform to teach kids how to cope with everything from playground bullies to childhood cancer.

Shortly prior to his death in June 2020, he was asked how he’d like to be remembered and what he would like the Go Frank Go Foundation to focus on. Without hesitation, his response was “kids”. 

If Frank would have drafted his own personal mission statement, it no doubt would have been something along these lines: “To inspire all children to be selfless and provide them the tools they need to achieve all that they can in life.”

Frank believed in the power of hope and love, which by dreaming big and never giving up will change the world for generations to come.  The Go Frank Go Foundation has adopted Frank’s mission and vision and is committed to carrying on his legacy.

We are extremely proud and humbled to have been given the opportunity to donate our #Gift2Giving funds to the Go Frank Go Foundation and will continue to do our very best to “LIVE LIKE FRANK". 

Dave Moyer
Senior Vice President
Community State Bank

Other CSB Contributing Employees: Kim Terpstra & Marion Myers