#Gift2Giving - Burlington Catholic School

Grateful for the Gift of Technology...

Wow do I feel old!  A week of vacation at home with my daughter and I feel like a dinosaur. My vacation happened to coincide with one of the three weeks her school went virtual due to the spread of COVID. I can't believe how different first grade is today than it was when I was there!  From Mystery Doug to GoNoodle to ChromeBooks to Lexia to SplashLearn it is amazing the technology that is interwoven into our students' daily lives beginning at age 6 and even earlier.  

One morning as students were getting logged into Zoom and were chit chatting amongst themselves the conversation turned to what beverage they were drinking. One girl stated that her mom had gotten her a drink from Starbucks.  As I watched my daughter in front of her ChromeBook and listened to the Starbucks conversation I couldn't help but think this is a scene I would imagine when she was 16 but not 6!  As a HR professional I can't help but think how the pandemic and the world of technology will transform our future workforces.  Additionally, there is no denying how critical technology has proven to be to our children's schooling in the blink of an eye during this pandemic.

It is the constant need for ever improving technology that lead me to donate my #Gift2Giving money to Burlington Catholic School to be utilized to purchase technology.  I am grateful for the technology that has allowed my kids the ability to learn and connect despite not always being able to be in a traditional classroom setting. 

Kim Ligocki
AVP | Human Resources Director
Community State Bank