#Gift2Giving - Burlington Catholic School

a place of opportunity for my children and myself

My kids are my world. Period. End of sentence. I knew with our #Gift2Giving Program this year I wanted my donation to go to Burlington Catholic School (BCS) which is where my two kids attend school. This year, as I reflect on why, my message is twofold and coming from a heart filled with sincere appreciation and gratitude.

Last night, my daughter who is in second grade at BCS, announced to me and my husband she needs to do the dishes tonight. Her teacher told them that they have to do them and she doesn’t want to hear, “I forgot” in the morning. Wow!  What parent doesn’t appreciate that?

Thank you to all the staff, teachers, and parents of BCS who not only provide a faith based education for my kids, but for all BCS students. You commit countless hours to the students, our two parishes, and the Burlington community as a whole. In addition to providing so much to my kids, you provide a special opportunity to me as well.  It is in this opportunity where for me personally, my two worlds come together. The world of BCS and CSB. 

Thank you BCS for allowing parents the opportunity to volunteer.  Whether field trips, centers in a classroom, Trunk-o-Treat, Holiday Treasure shop, or the library...I have enjoyed every minute of my time at BCS. The students are so much fun and so energizing. Teachers and students are all always so welcoming and appreciative; you cannot help but walk away with a smile on your face.

Thank you CSB for allowing me the opportunity to say “I love you” as they jump out of the mom van door each morning, to give thumbs up from the church pew, where I listened to my first grader read at mass for the first time, to give hugs in the school hallway as my child walks past, and to be asked countless times, “Are you Maddie’s mom?” or “Are you Cam’s mom?”.  If it were not for flexible lunch hours, generous PTO and a culture that supports being involved in our communities and family first this would not be possible.

From the time I started at CSB, over 18 years ago as a college student, CSB has always been a flexible employer and tried to accommodate its employees as much as possible. Over the years we have had countless high school and college students, working parents, employees with elderly parents, sick pets and the list goes on. Here, most recently, the support given to CSB employees as we all have had to deal with and navigate through Covid has been amazing. In my role, as HR Director, there are calls, texts and emails at 6 AM, 8 PM, on Saturday, on Sunday, and on holidays. Knowing that along with that comes the ability to say, today my son is “Apple of God’s Eye” and I am going to take a long lunch so I can read to his Kindergarten class makes it all worth it.  So thank you BCS and CSB for allowing me the opportunity to be both Maddie and Cam’s mom and HR Director at CSB.

Kim Ligocki
Vice President | HR Director
Community State Bank

Other Contributing Employees: Michael Ploch