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#Gift2Giving - Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Local Care for Local Kids

Two of our Community State Bank families were impacted by the incredible service and care by the nurses, doctors and surgeons of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

After CSB Chief Financial Officer, Peter Schumacher researched and coordinated with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Community State Bank was able to make a direct donation to the Children's Hospital Kenosha Care Clinic to assist local families of Racine, Kenosha, Walworth counties. 

Here are the journal entries of Kacie Rose (CSB Universal Banker) and Peter Shumacher (CSB Chief Financial Officer).

Healing for my Baby's Heart

I chose to donate my #Gift2Giving funds and a personal donation to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin because of my son Logan. Logan was born in September 2016 with a congenital heart defect. His heart defect wasn't discovered right away, but on day two when the doctors and nurses gave my husband and I the news, I knew our life was going to be different.

We were transferred to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and spent six weeks there while he recovered from open heart surgery and I knew we were in the right place.  Without the amazing team of doctors and nurses that cared for my son, he may not have been the happy and healthy five year old that he is today! I will forever be grateful for the passionate care that Children's showed our family and will continue to support their cause in anyway I am able. I am so thankful that CSB gives us the opportunity to give back to our communities with the #Gift2Giving program. It sure means a lot to our family!  

Kacie Rose
Universal Banker
Community State Bank   

Quality Care for my Grandchildren

I decided to contribute my #Gift2Giving dollars and a personal donation to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin because of three of my grandchildren. My youngest and only granddaughter, Anna, was born with hip dysplasia, which was discovered when she was six months old. She was taken to Children’s, operated on, and placed into a body cast from her chest to her toes, with a bar placed between her knees to keep her legs apart and in place to allow her hips to heal and develop correctly.  She was in this cast for nine months, in which she learned to crawl and even walk.  During this time she always kept a happy face and just got through it like a champ.

This past winter, in January, she had another surgery at the age of five to make some additional adjustments and corrections to her hips.  This time she was in just a removable brace, again to heal and form her hip into place, for two months. During these times in the cast and brace Anna needed to have special high chairs, special bathroom needs, car seats, had to be carried, and just in discomfort for both her and her parents. Children's went above and beyond to assist in any way that they could. Thank goodness we have a place like Children’s in metro Milwaukee and now clinics all over Southeast Wisconsin to care for our children when in need.  I am truly grateful to have a hospital like this for my grandchildren. 

As my son was sitting in the waiting room with Anna for one of her appointments, he got to thinking and wondering why this happened to her and was feeling down. He looked up to see other patients going up and down the halls to discover that Anna's needs were far less than what so many other patients and parents are going through with terminal illnesses.  He also realized how fortunate we all are to have Children’s Hospital in our backyard. 

In addition to Anna's needs we've also received care for our two of my grandsons who both had broken arms that were healed by Children’s. 

It is so hard to express in a short journal entry what a wonderful medical facility we have in Southeast Wisconsin. The staff at Children's have actually performed miracles with the care they provide to children. Having heard so many of the stories over the years with the Miracles Network Fundraiser, the stories of the work done is truly amazing and incredible. It is very hard to truly articulate just what a wonderful place this is. Thank you Children's Hospital of Wisconsin! 

Peter Schumacher
Chief Financial Officer
Community State Bank