#Gift2Giving - Agape House

Help for a Family Member in Need...

Agape House is located in the small town of Walworth, Wisconsin.

Having a family member who battled with depression and anxiety, it was a struggle to find help with less than favorable mental health laws in our state. I turned to the internet for a private option and came across Agape House. I was immediately drawn to their promise of help to anyone in need. Six of my coworkers and I, plus two private donors will be donating $900.00 to the Agape house.

The Agape House is a safe, caring and Christian environment for young girls 12-17 who struggle with depression, anxiety, past abuse, addiction and destructive behavior. They offer therapy and schooling in a relaxed setting with small classes and group sessions along with family therapy as well.

Agape House relies solely on private donations to keep up with constantly rising costs and volunteers are always welcome.

If you are interested in donating time, money or both, contact Jan Baker 262-275-6466 or visit them online at AgapeHouseHeals.org

Ellen Galvan
Community State Bank

Other Contributing Employees: Kris Mertins, Jackie Kolbeck, Marilyn Sorenson, Monica Johnson, Shanandoor Kantor & Anne Redmer

A Message from Agape House...

Agape House

This donation helps us to continue to point teens in the right direction, seeking God for hope and healing in their lives. We are the only facility like this in Wisconsin, and it takes a village to make this happen.

Pam Patterson, Executive Director