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#Gift2Giving - Woof Gang Rescue

Finding Loving Homes for Dogs

Woofgang Rescue is a non-profit, no kill, all volunteer dog rescue organization. They focus on adopting dogs from shelters that are at high risk of euthanasia due to pet overpopulation. Many times, the staff at Woof Gang are traveling to other states to get the dogs they will adopt in Wisconsin. In June 2019, I adopted a puppy from them for my daughter. This puppy came from Arkansas. Then later in November of 2019, I adopted an adult dog for me! This dog came from Texas. Both adoptions were a great experience and we are so happy with our new additions to our family.  I wanted to help support this organization’s worthwhile cause of finding loving homes for dogs that need one.


Denise Engelhardt
IT Specialist
Community State Bank

Other Contributing Employees: Natalie Strasser, Carol Klimke, Courtney Christensen

A Message From Woof Gang Rescue...

Woof Gang Rescue

We are so thankful to the employees at Community State Bank that chose to donate to Woof Gang Rescue. This donation will help us rescue dogs that have not been dealt the best hand. Many dogs that we get in need medical attention and this donation will help us give these dogs a second chance in life. Thank you so much!

Jodie Ruffalo, Executive Director, Woof Gang Rescue