#Gift2Giving - Racine Fire Bells

Giving Back to those Who Help Others so Much...

When I heard that the Racine Fire Bells had to cancel their 2020 fundraisers because of Covid-19 and I immediately thought about our #Gift2Giving campaign. The Racine Fire Bells is a non-profit organization that brings food and shelter to first responders in Racine, Kenosha and Walworth counties. Some of the examples of when they are called in to help are large fires, police situations that go for long periods of time, and they also help anyone in need from these events before the Red Cross arrives. As a volunteer firefighter, I have had the privilege to benefit from the services offered by the Racine Fire Bells and I can’t imagine what it would be like not having their resources. When a firefighter comes out of a hot fire into the cold Wisconsin elements the Racine Fire Bells offer a warm place for the firefighter to rest. They also offer warm beverages and food to first responders. The Racine Fire Bells are the heroes to the first responders and that is why this year 8 of us at CSB donated our #Gift2Giving proceeds to the Racine Fire Bells.

Colin Hennessey
VP Business Banker
Community State Bank

Other CSB Contributing Employees: Scott Huedepohl, Nicole Kurhajec, Melody Kowalczyk, Shakil Haider, Terri Lott, Dean Powers and Greg Wall