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2021 Promotions

Community State Bank Announces 2021 Promotions

Community State Bank (CSB) is pleased to announce the promotion of five CSB employees: Melissa Gramza (Controller), Nicole Kurhajec (Deposit Operations Officer), Kim Ligocki (Vice President | Human Resources Director), Becky McClelland (Burlington Market President), Katie Stolp (Vice President | Operations Director). 

Melissa Gramza joined CSB in 2014 as a Universal Banker and while obtaining her bachelor’s degree she served as a Loan Servicer. At the beginning of 2020, Gramza took on the role as Assistant Controller and will now transition to Controller. 

Nicole Kurhajec also joined CSB as a Universal Banker in 2014 and became Retail Manager in 2017. Kurhajec recently transitioned into the Deposit Operations Manager role, mid 2020 and now has been promoted to Deposit Operations Officer. 

Katie Stolp joined CSB in 2010 and has led retail operations for five years. She has been an instrumental player in streamlining many of CSB’s processes. Stolp now has been promoted to Vice President, Operations Director. 

“Melissa, Nicole and Katie have each done a great job of taking on new roles and projects, and creating innovative ways to improve CSB’s overall operation. I commend each of them for their efforts and am excited to see them continue to excel in their positions,” said Chief Financial Officer, Peter Schumacher. 

Other promotions include Kim Ligocki. Ligocki joined CSB in 2003 and has been a go-to resource for the bank through the COVID-19 pandemic. She has been promoted to Vice President | Human Resources Director. 

“Kim’s attention to detail and organizational skills have always been a great asset to our organization. Throughout this pandemic, Kim has taken on the huge responsibility of keeping our staff and customers safe. She’s done a wonderful job and we’re lucky to have her,” said CSB President and CEO, Scott Huedepohl. 

Becky McClelland joined CSB in 2015 and has worked in the Burlington Market for over two years. She has been promoted to Burlington Market President and will be working with Burlington businesses, non-profits and municipalities to help promote community growth and meet their unique business needs. 

“Becky has done a phenomenal job of leading and growing the Burlington market,” said Steve Donovan, CSB Executive Vice President. “Her commitment to her customers is genuine and I know she will do a great job as Market President.”  

All promotions took effect at the beginning of 2021. 

Nicole Kurhajec
Nicole Kurhajec Deposit Operations Officer
Kim Ligocki
Kim Ligocki VP | Human Resources Director
Becky McClelland
Becky McClelland AVP | Market President (Burlington)
Katie Stolp
Katie Stolp Chief Operations Officer