Community State Bank Provides Podcasting Opportunity to Knapp Elementary School

Community State Bank (CSB) recently donated new podcast equipment to support United Way’s Link and Inspire for Tomorrow (LIFT) community school initiative at Knapp Elementary School. The donated equipment included two microphones with stands, a podcast board, headphones and other technical equipment for audio connectivity.

“There are two different levels of giving,” said Bank President and CEO Scott Huedepohl. “The first is to give a single gift, and the second is to give a gift that continues to keep on giving. We know that United Way does a fantastic job implementing new programs and creative learning experiences for the students at Knapp Community School. We think this podcast equipment will be a great addition to their current and future curriculum.”

In the past, United Way has developed a partnership between Community State Bank and Knapp Elementary School to develop podcasts for class projects. CSB’s Marketing Department would bring the bank’s podcast equipment to the school and record the session in the school’s library. The request for CSB to assist the school with another podcast project was presented at the beginning of this year, and the bank saw that as an opportunity to give back.

“The smiles and excitement from the students when we’d set up our audio equipment was priceless,” said CSB Marketing Communications Coordinator Eloissa Heigl. “It’s a great feeling to give them that same gift...but as something they can now call their own. I know it will be used to do great things!”

CSB also took the opportunity to help train and mentor United Way and Knapp Elementary School staff on the use of the equipment and audio software. Currently, the school is using their new equipment to compete in the National Public Radio Student Podcast Challenge.

“As a community school, we’re excited to identify ways that we can use this equipment to share stories about our neighborhood and the leaders in it,” said United Way Community Schools Manager Jamie Racine. “A few examples of that are the crossing guard that helps students get to school safely, the guy who has 35 bikes on his porch that he’ll fix and donate to local children, and the single mom who brings her family together to plant a garden every spring. These are the stories that make the fabric of our neighborhood strong, and we’re so grateful to Community State Bank for giving us the gift to share them.”