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CSB Leasing Advantages

Leasing through Community State Bank (CSB) comes with real advantages. We know you, and we
know your business. We have an established, trusted relationship, and we understand your
objectives. Unlike traditional leasing companies, we never charge termination or prepayment
penalties should you need flexibility during the term of your lease. Coordinating all your
banking and equipment financing activity with one bank is convenient, saving you time.
Talk with a CSB Business Banker to find out how we can meet your leasing needs. 

Commonly Leased Equipment

Leasing Options


Ag Leasing

Ag leasing provides a solution to help you reduce expenses, control cashflow, access better equipment, maximize tax benefits, and retain flexibility. No matter the size of your operation, ag leasing is scalable enough to help lease a wide variety of facilities and equipment.

Ag leasing programs also have an “Accordion option” feature in each lease allowing them to increase or decrease their payment during the lease term depending on need for tax shelter.

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Business Leasing

Business leasing is helping many local businesses acquire upgraded equipment, reduce expenses, manage cashflow, maximize tax benefits, and retain flexibility in their operation. Regardless of industry, business leasing options are versatile enough to help lease many different types of facilities and equipment.

Business leasing programs also have access to the “Accordion option” that allows lessees to increase or decrease their payment during the lease term, depending on need for tax shelter.

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Municipal Leasing

A growing number of municipalities and school districts use leasing to acquire assets of all types and classifications. Leasing is easy, avoids the costs associated with referendums or bonding, and only the annual payments are included in annual budgets. Essential equipment is acquired today without the costly delays due to capital appropriations. With effective and competitive tax-exempt rates, we have a clear economic and community interest in making sure your transaction is properly structured and best serves our community. 

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Robert Pieroni
Robert Pieroni VP | Market President (Kenosha County)
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Steve Donovan Executive VP | Market President (Racine)
Bryan Iwicki
Bryan Iwicki VP | Business Banking
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Mike Ploch SVP | Market President (Lake Geneva)
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Dave Moyer SVP | Market President (Union Grove)
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Timothy O'Brien Vice President - Business Banking (Northern Illinois)
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Neil Buchanan SVP | Business Banking & Cash Management
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Laura Burnett-Shoemaker AVP | Cash Management
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Molly Krause AVP | Cash Management
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Dean Powers Business Banking Officer